What We Do

Explanation of Activities


To help foreigners living here so that they are able to accomplish more and more things in Japan.

  1. “Future Classroom”Adult Class / Children’s Class
    Help foreigners living in Japan to study
    Adult class: Help adults study Japanese
    Children’s class: Help children study Japanese, as well as subjects from school.
  2. Study Course for Support Volunteers
  3. Dispatching Japanese Instructors


To help foreigners or those who have family members with roots in a foreign country so that they can live their daily lives without any trouble.

  1. Foreign Ladies’ Gathering
    This group is made up of foreign ladies. It meets in the morning on the 4th Tuesday of each month.
  2. Giving Out Information in Various Languages
    The multi-language page will have information updated regularly in a number of different languages (Japanese, Simple Japanese, English, Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese).

Connect to the World

There are people from many different countries living in or near Akashi. This provides a first step towards getting to know them.

  1. Multicultural Courses
    ☆Language Courses
     ・Chinese Conversation Class
     ・English Conversation Class
     ・Children’s English Conversation Class
     ・Fundamental English Grammar
     ・English Circle/”Level Up” Workshop (A study group that works to increase students’ knowledge of English)
    ☆Talking About the World With Foreign Residents
    (A chance to hear about the culture and lifestyles of people in other countries from foreigners living in Japan.)
    ☆International Cooking Class
    A class to make food from all over the world. (The instructor will be a foreigner. They will teach a recipe from their own country.)
    ☆Multi-Cultural Parents and Kids Cooking Class
    Parents and children will make food from different countries together. (The instructor will be a foreigner. This cooking class is for parents and children who are in elementary school or older.)
    ☆Teacher Dispatch / Remote Workshop
    (We have teachers who can come to where you want to learn, and talk about activities to increase international understanding or help foreigners.)
  2. Hosting International Events
    Hosting the “World Festival Akashi”
    Hosting Meetup Parties for Members
  3. Multi-Cultural Library
    We have a small library of books from many different countries you can enjoy!

Connect to the World

When you want to express yourself, we will make sure that you don’t have any communication troubles.

  1. Dispatching an Interpreter
    Manmaru Akashi will help with interpretation when you want to speak with foreigners.
    The available languages include English, Chinese, Mongolian, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, and more.
  2. Translation
    We will translate written documents for you.
    Available languages include English, Chinese, Mongolian, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, and more.
    *For more details about this work, please check the information page for Interpretation/Translation
  3. Program for Foreigners to Experience Japanese Culture
    (Helping foreigners get their own personal experience of Japanese culture.)
    This program is aimed at foreign tourists visiting Japan.
    They can experience Japanese culture (either Japanese lifestyle or traditional culture) in the Akashi area. Visit Akashi