NPO Corporation Mann-Maru Akashi, devoted to supporting for and cooperating with foreign residents in Akashi, while working on projects of international understanding, tourist business, interpretation and translation services.

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Interpretation and Translation Services

Responding to various needs, such as “I want to go to the city hall for administration requirements, but I cannot speak Japanese.”, and “I would like to communicate smoothly with the foreign visitors and friends.”, we can connect you with the world with all types of situations through our community interpretation services, such as: local life related to public services such as schooling, company tours or tour guides, and attendance of foreign guests on business, etc.

Accompanied Interpretation On-site Interpretation Telephone Interpretation

※ Interpretation method → Consecutive interpretation
This is a type of interpretation that follows whenever a speaker pauses in their speech after a proper short time. With this method, it is possible to ensure the accuracy of the interpretation. However, it would take twice as long to repeat the entire speech in another language.


・Accompanied interpretation service…Within Kinki area
・On-site interpretation service (outside Japan)…Vietnam/Ho Chi Minh city (As of 2016)
・Interpretation Languages…English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, others
 Please consult us for any other languages.

☆ Accompanied interpretation fee
Service time:From 9am to 6pm (An extra fee will incur beyond the service time)

Half day (3 hours) Full day (8 hours) Extension
Attendance interpretation
Tour interpretation
20,000yen 40,000yen 6,000yen
Business interpretation
Tour guide
30,000yen 60,000yen 8,000yen
Accompanied interpretation to a public institution
(Non-profit purpose)
10,000yen 20,000yen 3,000yen

・Actual transportation fees (no charge for the walking distance from Akashi station). Extra fees may be charged based on the content.
・A “full day” charge is limited to 8 hours (including a 1 hour lunch break and 7 hours working time).
・The fee for an accompanied interpretation to public institutions applies only to those cases which are verified based on our diligent evaluation.

☆ Telephone interpretation fee for cases of two locations and three speakers
Service time:From 9am to 6pm (Extra fee will incur beyond the service time)

Up to 30 mins. Up to 1 h. Extension
Business interpretation 4,000yen 5,500yen 900yen
Public institutions
(Non-profit purpose)
2,000yen 2,750yen 450yen

・Extra fees may be charged based on the content.
・The fee for cases of public institutions applies only to those which are verified based on our diligent evaluation.

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From Family Register Documents to Business Documents

We provide a flexible translation service to suit the needs and purposes of our clients. We help you to communicate in various situations from daily life to business, including the translation of documents necessary for living in Japan, or for business wishing to expand overseas.


・Translation languages…English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, others
 Please consult us for any other languages.
・Minimum number of characters…600 characters or 600 words
・Time needed for translation …1 week~(About 1000 Japanese characters )
※ We also provide an express service to translate emails etc. which is needed for urgent business. Please feel free to consult us.

Document translation fee(Average newspaper level)

1 character or 1 word Minimum number of characters Minimum cost
Business purpose From 17 yen 600 characters or 600 words 10,000yen
Public institutions
(Non-profit purpose)
From 9 yen No limitation 2,000yen

・The charge for one character or one word may change depending on the language or the content.
・The fee for cases of public institutions applies only to those which are verified based on our diligent evaluation.
・For other cases, our approval is also needed.

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Inbound Service~From Seminars to Translation

“Why isn’t it ok?!” “You are interested in this?!”

Did you ever get surprised that sometimes your hospitality, though thoroughly planned, was not accepted at all, but at other times, unexpectedly the guests turned out to be very happy but you did not know the reasons? Foreign tourists have different cultures and tastes from Japanese, and taking measures based on the above understanding would attract more foreign tourists. In Mann-Maru Akashi, foreigners who have been living in Japan for many years will provide inbound related seminars. They know very well what foreigners are interested in and want, and know very well how to make your company look more attractive!

“I showed the customers a translated menu, but why they did NOT understand?”

For translation of a guidebook or a menu for foreign tourists, it is considered more effective, for the native translators to choose words thoroughly considered based on the country’s specific needs and tastes. We can conduct liberal translations, or write from scratch catchphrases, rather than the literal translation of Japanese. With Mann-Maru Akashi, the translators propose articles which are easier to be understood by foreign tourists. We communicate thoroughly with our clients to deeply understand the appeal of their products, rather than the literal translation

Inbound related seminars
(For Chinese-speaking visitors)
Inbound related translation
(For Chinese-speaking visitors)
Basic fee: One seminar (90 mins.) From 15,000yen For specific requests, cost will be estimated separately, based on the customer`s needs.

Dispatch of Multi-Cultural Instructors and On-site Lectures

To meet your various needs in order to “Connect with the world”, we will dispatch lecturers, who have roots in foreign countries, or who have international viewpoints and experiences. We also provide on-site lectures.

For example...

・In-house language courses
 (Practical Chinese course, Service Focus Chinese course, English conversation course, Japanese course, etc.)
・As a club activity, or company benefit program (Chinese tea classroom/Chinese cooking classroom)
・As a part of multi-cultural education (culture introduction by foreign lecturers, etc.)

Basic cost Material cost Target
One class (90 mins.)10,000yen Separate charge Up to 30 persons

※ Regarding seminars at school for students who carry the future, please feel free to consult us.
※ We provide lectures satisfying your needs and expectations, by responding to your purposes and levels.

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