NPO Corporation Mann-Maru Akashi, devoted to supporting for and cooperating with foreign residents in Akashi, while working on projects of international understanding, tourist business, interpretation and translation services.

日本語 中国語
Tel:078-915-87472f 2-6-3 Hon-machi, Akashi

~Foster and Support~


Assist foreign residents and families with roots in foreign countries in their personal development in Japan.
(Class for Japanese language study and school subjects study)


Support the stable life of foreign residents and families with roots in foreign countries.
(International mom’s gathering)

~Connect and be Connected~

Connect the World

We remove the language barriers to connect different minds and hearts.
(Interpretation and Translation Services・Sightseeing tours for foreingn tourists in Japan)

Connect with the World

We create opportunities for local residents to interact easily with the world. (Multi-cultural seminars)


Life in general

Portal site on Policies for Foreign Residents (Cabinet Office, Government of Japan)
Hyogo Prefecture

Disasters information

Multilingual information in case of disasters (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)

Medical care

Multilingual medical questionnaire (NPO Organization International Community Hearty Konandai/Public-interest incorporated Foundation Kanagawa International Foundation)


Information on High schools in Hyogo Prefecture(Multicultural Children’s Center)


New comprehensive support system for children and child-rearing  Easy to understand guide (Kobe city)
Support site for child-rearing for foreign residents (Public-interest incorporated Foundation Kanagawa International Foundation)


Visit Akashi ~Experience Japanese Culture, meet Japanese~ Japanese culture experience
Information for Sightseeing in Hyogo Prefecture
Akashi Tourist Guidebook
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